About us


At s* arc , we are architects and designers creating unparalleled experiences for our clients and we understand that our clients require:

  • Optimise their resources and time
  • Solve their immediate problems
  • Receive trusted and professional service

We believe that all our clients deserve a trusted, certain and high-quality development of their architectural project.

Our real estate sector faces, for different reasons, important challenges, both present and future, that require special attention:

  • Uncertainty in Return on Investment
  • Rise in costs in construction supplies
  • Difference between expectations and results

We understand what it is like not to receive the expected professional service and we offer a trusted, professional, and reliable service.


We support our clients through adaptable architectural solutions to optimise their Return on Investment and achieve the success of their projects.

We are supported by the professional experience of 25 years of our founder, Salvador Rivas, in the development of projects in Mexico and other countries.

We are the first and only architecture firm in Mexico and LATAM chartered by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

Well-known British architecture firms with this certification include Foster+Partners , Grimshaw and Hopkins, which represents:


  • Code of Professional Practice
  • Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics
  • Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Benefits for our clients:

  • Quality Control, towards ISO 9001 QMS
  • International Standards in Mexico and LATAM
  • Environmental Responsibility Policy

Learn more: Royal Institute of British Architects (architecture.com)


The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) is a global professional membership body advancing excellence in architecture.

“We serve our members and society to provide better buildings and places, stronger communities and a sustainable environment” – RIBA At s*arc , we provide our clients with our world-class experience and service standards, with local knowledge and implementation.

We achieve this based on the RIBA Work Plan which is a proven model to guide the building design and construction process.

In all our projects we apply a methodology based on efficiency, technology, and sustainability, with clear BIM scopes and deliverables, quality control, and a sustainable approach.

Learn more: RIBA Plan of Work (architecture.com)

What for?

To achieve the success of your projects, we establish a Customer Satisfaction Agreement from the beginning, following the following steps:

  • Determine customer requirements
  • Agreement on scope and deliverables
  • Preparation and execution of Project Development

Supported by our recognised values of trust, commitment and professionalism, we offer our architecture and design services in:

  • Development of Project Vision
  • Project Development and Coordination
  • Architectural design consultancy

We thank you in advance for your attention and consideration to support you in achieving the success of your projects, of different types and scale.

Salvador Rivas

  • Architect from the Veracruzana University, Mexico
  • Master's Degree in Architectural Design from the University of London
  • LEED Accredited Professional – Sustainability
  • Certified by the Institute of British Architects
  • Founder and Director of S*ARC and Neoxspace UK

Mexican-British Architect, with 25 years of experience in the design, coordination and development of architectural projects of different types and scales, in Mexico and abroad.

His collaboration with renowned international firms such as Foster + Partners has provided him with experience of excellence in design, collaboration, and sustainability in his projects.

Salvador has received various national and international awards, and with his experience and that of his team at S*ARC, he supports his clients to achieve the success of their projects.

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Some of Our Clients


"I highly recommend s*arc as a high-standard architecture firm to develop projects of high quality and design innovation."

Lic. A. de la Garza | President | IDEI, Mexico

"We highly recommend s*arc , as an architecture company of international standard, for the development of projects of different types."

Ing. G. Ortiz | General Director | IUYET, Mexico

"Salvador: It has been a pleasure working with you. Congratulations on opening your own studio and I wish you all the success in this new stage."

Lord Foster | Founder + Executive Chairman | Foster+Partners

"s*arc has supported us in the development of our main projects with professionalism, commitment, and dedication, with an efficient and reliable design process."

MA A. Ortiz | BIM Director | IUYET, Mexico

"I recommend s*arc as trusted architecture company of international standard. For the development of our project, they fulfilled the entire scope with exceptional quality."

A. Ingmo | PM | SFV, Sweden

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